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Richard Huddy

Richard Huddy

(Don Ricardo)
Managing Director

Thirteen years of experience in the developer relations groups of three of the most influential Independent Hardware Vendors, and a total of more than 20 years in the computer games business make Richard Huddy one of the most experienced industry professionals around today.

The last seven years, which were spent building and running the European Developer Relations group at ATI/AMD, have seen Richard emerge as one of the most respected speakers at a myriad of technical events on good programming practice, high performance code and most importantly the intricate and complex subject of 3D graphics for PCs. Most recently Richard has given AMD's key-note addresses at events such as the Games Developer Conference ("GDC") in both Europe and the USA and has also recently presented in such diverse locations as San Francisco, Copenhagen, Delft, Dundee, Gothenburg, Helsinki, London, Moscow, Oxford and Paris.

Internally Richard's role in The Code Mafia is to set the high-level direction of the group whilst also passing on his experienced technical insights to the other technical staff. He also participates actively in the account management side to ensure the company's continued emphasis on long-term business relationships and the construction of partnerships which are built around the win-win principal which is fundamental to The Code Mafia.

In his day to day work with games developers Richard will bring his considerable technical experience to bear on problems relating to the use of 3D graphics card features and generally getting the very best game performance possible.

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